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Specialized in Inflatable Water Park Toys, Jumping Castle Slide, Inflatable Tent

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inflatable tent,inflatable castle,jumping castle,inflatable slides
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Inflatable games industry

Author:mascot costumes Date:2011-7-27 17:28:29
The advent of the global financial crisis, China inflatable bouncers industry is feeling the deepest one of the industries most affected by the impact of real estate, inflatable toy industry in 2008 -09 has been in decline in the sales trend, although the real estate this year With the rising period of a few, but in the end consumers cover their money is getting tight hand, more careful. Regardless of whether the self-assessment of real estate speculation, in short, the inflatable toy industry's overall market conditions point of view, and not imagined it with the city and hair, however, no matter how much the crisis, there is always the last day, while China inflatable toy industry, really have their own original inflatable products, brands, and products can be recognized by consumers but not a few, this is an indisputable fact. China inflatable toy industry, how to get the reflection from this baptism? And how to avoid this crisis but to stand out? Is the Chinese people want a clear understanding of inflatable toys, the crisis brings about the inevitable variety of loss, but it not for China inflatable toy industry, a major reshuffle it? look at China inflatable toy market situation, how to fight a war break out, what we have to seriously face the reality. Inflatable toys according to your many years of market experience, China inflatable toys need to do the following aspects of work, inflatable toys can really fight this war break out.

Keeping up with fashion trends, products designed to truly fit in with the

China inflatable castle toy market is not very long development time, from China's reform and opening day, has been shouting "integration, innovation, and stronger national brand," slogan, but look at all markets, especially China inflatable toy market. really made this statement the vendor, there are a few do? integration into a direct copy, innovation becomes a spoken language, although there are like four-dimensional, the benefits of, Faenza, Wrigley, Apollo and other famous brands, and have the brand known Jishiduo culture, but in the end to like foreign brands such as Kohler, Roca and other inflatable toys Shanghai can take a year to draw its own innovative technology, or own a product design can be unique among the , no, China inflatable toys, many of the so-called product design, are still stuck in the "upstart" era, the blind pursuit of "odd," "strange," "flowers", so that should have been calm, clean space inflatable toy , and made dazzling, and stress of modern life, the simple rationale, which is easy to see that China inflatable toy inflatable toy brands and foreign brands of the huge gap, inflatable tents, some people may not think so, but the fact is that So, good things ordinary people have their own vision to natural selection, good product design directly affects the sales of the product is good or bad. Especially after the financial crisis, the people is critical for the product to an unprecedented height, consumers think that every penny had to use the knife's edge, and inflatable toys and durable goods, so the selection is more is careful and cautious, prudent and discreet. If we do not have a good product appearance, how could so that consumers desire to purchase it? Society is constantly evolving, constantly changing times, and consumers of aesthetic development will change with the times, in response to "fashion" requirements, as a fashion product inflatable castles, only keeping up with fashion trends, designs truly meet the modern fashion aesthetic products in order to remain invincible in the market.

Break through the traditional sales channel model, started to explore new channels

Sales of traditional channels such as store sales, supermarket sales, engineering sales, including the later buy channels, although the financial crisis buy channels can play a role in the rapid sale, but buy the company does not make you so relaxed make more money, like the supermarket channel, began to design some of the costs such as advertising, on-site adjustment costs, and some so-called hidden rules, etc., coupled with a buy price of this is the killer, these allow you to see increased sales, while the surface of scenery but did not see the company's account funds are perceived as rise. Pressure on rental stores, supermarkets, the black heart pressure, the pressure of competition works, buy the appearance of excitement, etc., are to show us the lack of an existing traditional channels and all the ills, then these types of channels based on our Are there opportunities to break through? The answer of course is, no matter how good transaction, after the baptism of time and social development, will be gradually phased out, new things will naturally replace it. In my personal experience, now have Internet sales, community sales and other new channels can be used

Internet sales, before the financial crisis, for such a large inflatable toys, products, and seeing is believing for Chinese consumers like the concept of consumption, it may be difficult to enable, however, the financial crisis has given us a such an opportunity, China Consumers will pass through the baptism of the wave of the Internet, began to slowly accept the reality of the virtual network and the difference between life and contacted. Coupled with the habit of selling small product network, so that consumers gradually shift to large consumer online shopping habits. The timing just right, we should begin to establish a network of sales team to build a network marketing platform, the site may refer to some of the small building products online sales platform, and then find their own way a well-established online shopping process, that is, save yourself a lot of the cost of stores, public relations and personnel costs, while also meeting the consumer behavior of the existing procurement fashion. While now may not reach the pre-sales channel, but development of the Internet is a force to be popular for ending the financial crisis will one day slowly recede, the opportunity is always to some who are prepared to spend less costs for future sales to lay a solid platform, but it is hard to imagine now possible to get results.