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Specialized in Inflatable Water Park Toys, Jumping Castle Slide, Inflatable Tent

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inflatable tent,inflatable castle,jumping castle,inflatable slides
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Author:inflatable tents Date:2011-8-3 10:42:19
Inflatable castles also known as inflatable products, is the mid-1990s in the country before the emergence of a new advertising media, the biggest feature is its momentum. In the process of brand and promotional advertising has an irreplaceable role, easy to form a grand scene of bustling activity. Its appearance, enlarge the product of the imagination of people, to mobilize people's curiosity, teasing people's shopping desires, by showing vivid, tall and vivid, to bring a strong visual impact and a relaxed atmosphere to deepen the awareness of product image and brand awareness, play good publicity

Inflatable bouncers is inflatable model refers to the new multi-encryption Oxford material, re-use inflatable air blower for forming such products, the PE or PVC coated fabrics and traditional fabric, compared with the easy tear, not degumming layer, sealing and so on. Light weight, easy to carry, easy to cast. Gas model is the mid-eighties of last century came from abroad a new publicity media. Its predecessor is said to be from the United States made a lot of cartoons, animated. As the film's animation, cartoon vivid and lovely, many young children to learn has become the object of imitation, so it will soon be some savvy advertisers fancy. Advertisers Tomsen inflatable cartoon is the first in the United States produced "pedigree." Domestic gas industry, there is a great model for development.

China Inflatable manufacturing is labor-intensive industry, the product form a single track. Compared with the international giant inflatables, China Inflatables enterprises are small, and there are the traditional processing equipment, design capacity is weak, poor ability to resist risks; the vast majority of companies rely on to sample the gas model, processing production; 90% above as "OEM" mode of production, that is, "OEM" and "OEM"; products with low added value of common materials and fill the gas model are mostly in the mature gas production and sales chain in the mold design, mold industry in China Gas only in value-added low-end, the lack of innovation, is still heavily dependent on foreign technical and design, for "design defects" passive bear the operational risks become more apparent. In order to change this situation, to promote domestic gas industry in the further development of mold, by the China Association of Amusement Parks Liujing Wang, president agreed to set up China Association of Amusement Parks Committee of the gas model.

January 14, China Association of Amusement Parks Committee of the gas model set up in Fuzhou by Scarlett and hosted members of China Association of Amusement Parks and gas industry peers participated in the mold historic meeting. Inflatable Professional Committee of China Association of Amusement Parks directly under the branches of professional organizations, is leading the Company by the gas model consisting of professional and voluntary, industry and non-profit social organization, is leading China Association of Amusement Parks Contact the gas under the model of unity and to promote the development of the industry the company and the bridge and link.

Inflatable Professional Committee, holding Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, the great banner of "Three Represents" as guidance, to comply with the PRC Constitution and the laws and regulations; through the market economy, prosperity and China Gas mold industry, to assist government departments to strengthen the inflatable industry, promoting China's industrial gas model rapid and healthy development.

Inflatable Professional Committee's mission is to develop inflatable industry standards, to promote the gas industry development model, development of the industry to solve the gas model the practical problems and theoretical issues, improve China's industrial gas model systems management and operation of the market capacity, and promote Inflatables industry to extend the industrial chain, developing their own technologies and brands to achieve the upgrading of processing trade enterprises restructuring. As the central support, the support of national policies, domestic market demand, China's gas industry is facing the best period of development model. Opportunities and challenges call for China Inflatable industry unite, join forces to seize the opportunity to seek common development and growth. I believe in the gas model professional committee's efforts, China will create a brilliant inflatable tents