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Specialized in Inflatable Water Park Toys, Jumping Castle Slide, Inflatable Tent

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inflatable tent,inflatable castle,jumping castle,inflatable slides
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Inflatable office in a bag

Author: Date:2012-2-3 17:03:58

Traditionally, a office is in a fixed place. If you go to another place, you need to find a new office. But with the design of inflatable, things are different right now. You can put your office in a bag and bring it to any place you want to. This is inflatable office.


Because it is make with fabric, the weight is not heavy, and also because it is made with fabric, when you fold it, the pack size is small, you can put it in a bag and transport it at the back of a car or you scooter and even on your shoulder. You can do your job at any place you want, no matter indoor or outdoor. 

There are many size for the inflatable office, here are the details:

1.      3x3m, 4.2m2 useable floor area

2.      4x3m, 6.4m2 useable floor area

3.      5x4m, 12.8m2 useable floor area

4.      6x5m, 20m2 useable floor area 


For this series, we also have inflatable luna, airoof, air wall,cube wall, inflatable boxer and so on. For more information, please link www. Yolloy.com