Specialized in Inflatable Water Park Toys, Jumping Castle Slide, Inflatable Tent-inflatable tent,inflatable castle,jumping castle,inflatable slides

Specialized in Inflatable Water Park Toys, Jumping Castle Slide, Inflatable Tent

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inflatable tent,inflatable castle,jumping castle,inflatable slides
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Author:Inflatable tents Date:2011-7-9 2:09:07
 reporter learned from the Qin Municipal Bureau of Tourism for further prosperity of the tourism market, the general public and tourists to bring a new look, a variety of small holiday, Qinhuangdao City, the tourism sector, tourism enterprises early hands-on, carefully prepared, decorated area, to open project, prepared a Road content-rich travel "feast." From February onwards, the city's tourist attractions started by green luster project in 20 key scenic spots have been planted pine and ginkgo trees 40,000 trees, also planted a rose, roses, wisteria and other varieties of flowers, the "five a "holiday tourist attractions will be lush, flowers are competing to put to the majority of tourists unlimited pleasure. "May Day" on the eve of the first professional museum --- Beidaihe birds, bird specimens museum officially free. Museum collection specimens of birds, 100 species of fossils of a dinosaur skeleton, dinosaur egg fossils of three groups, each specimen are detailed notes with labels, to introduce visitors to bird knowledge. Limit the number of visitors the museum to implement the system daily, visitors need to make a reservation one day in advance. Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park shed the Swan Lake, pheasant park, the introduction of the golden monkey, inflatable tents, baboons, red pandas and white lions and other animals mascot costumes, 19 kinds of 200 only to tourists gift. "I love the Olympics, century baby, dream homes, colorful rollers, 11,026,808," and a dozen other large inflatable castles entertainment in the garden one by one Beidaihe Jifa appearance, while inside the newly opened flowers blooming butterflies, butterflies fluttering, Chinese and foreign visitors can enjoy the fun of close to nature. Other attractions are also an ample supply of "travel drama" in the "51" staged. Shanhaiguan city will be invited to live ink calligrapher Liu Guoqing, to keep the tourists fully appreciate the essence of Chinese calligraphy. Area will reproduce the old Qi handsome leading soldiers on soldiers Xuncheng magnificent landscape. Temple of Lady Meng Jiang, Wang Yu Villa will host a variety of folk songs and dances, folk performances, heighten the festive atmosphere, attract visitors attention. Fun Island Marine Park will increase the cartoon, animals, dance performances, visitors and marine animals with the shine. Lulong the "Chizuru whispering gallery" romantic Bird Festival, the Peach Blossom Festival Funing Xiangshan area, Dong mouth of the Wildflower Festival will be in the "51" period to open the curtain. "Promote healthy living and sharing a harmonious prosperity," the fifth river skating section in the May 1st curtain, then from Beijing, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Jiangsu and other provinces of the 13 teams skating nearly 300 athletes competing in the Olympic Park , so that visitors watch the exciting skating performances addition, on May 1 -7 days, Funing Nandaihe mind Palace Crocodile Park area of ​​the city introduced the public and students tickets; May 1 - 6th, Beidaihe sea cruise half-price concession for the city to implement the public; safari in a "period of the municipal model workers and more than 70 years of age and old-line free of charge, and the city to implement the public half-price concession