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CCTV Cartoon City

Author:Cartoon Costumes Date:2011-7-9 2:11:04
163 Animation News "Ugly Duckling", "Conquers", "Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck" ... May 31 onwards, these classic fairy tales will be moved to Zhengzhou staged. By then, Zhengzhou people blessed by the CCTV • Baoxiang animation animated feast of well-built city. June 2, 3, and CCTV can also host children's well-known Dong Hao, Duolaimi close. Among them, 300 children of poor families in Zhengzhou City, free to participate. By the Henan Daily Newspaper Group, Zhengzhou City Government organized the letter, and (Zhengzhou) Property Limited has undertaken a "CCTV • Inflatable Cartoon City theme park," the line will be held in Zhengzhou National Tour May 31-June 10 P Luo Wangshi held in Zhengzhou. Two "call-up orders" called the children to participate in the city with immediate effect, the animated tour of the city of Zhengzhou has opened a campaign theme. Organizing Committee for the City of Zhengzhou Children issued a "call-up orders" and invited the children to participate in "Cartoon City • animation dream" essay, painting competitions, China Central Television have called for children to play off the theme of animation, imagination, to the form of writing or painting, to express love animation, animated dream to pursue. Another "call-up orders" for poor families can be described as the gospel. Organizing Committee to allow the children of poor families with other children, enjoy good childhood, spent a good 61, the city assembly to poor families. Which will be selected out of 300 poor children will enjoy free participation in all activities of the treatment. Want to participate please call 0371-65582551 enroll quickly. For more collection cases, can be found at the active site "CCTV • Animation City come!" Inspection. This weekend (26,27), if you are 27 towers in the vicinity of the bulk met Mickey Mouse and his son, but do not surprised. Because this weekend, the organizing committee in the city's main thoroughfares will be large-scale cartoon parade, cartoon characters, Disney cartoon characters to embark on the streets of Zhengzhou, close contact with you. The tour will set up 29 groups Zhengzhou large inflatable entertainment fitness equipment and section 16 of the famous children's CCTV cartoon group. Each group representation "Windmill", "Cartoon City" and other columns in the vivid scenes of cartoon characters and story, look forward to the participation of children. According to "CCTV • Inflatable Cartoon costumes City theme park" national tour Zhengzhou lines per field commander plum introduction, this line is the previous tour in Zhengzhou, the device most of the time. In addition to these activities, this line will also be invited to Zhengzhou in Zhengzhou Troupe Malan took the children say, "ugly duckling" story, and colorful message to fairy tale dream wish, "Qing 61, Love" red scarf bazaar, "knowledge honor, righteousness, and establish a new trend, "moral education, publicity gallery, folk art performances, cars and many other exciting activities will be joy. Related information: CCTV Inflatable Cartoon City Theme Park Tour Activities initiated by the youth center CCTV, CCTV inflatable animated city hosted the national tour is a theme park, children's entertainment set fitness, science education as an integrated large-scale open Interactive activities designed to improve children's physical and psychological, National Children's rich cultural life. Previously, mascot costumes City theme park way through the tour in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Changchun, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places in turn held by the children and parents of all ages.